Redmond Chapter, Bridge Creek Project
May 2-4 Redmond Chapter Bridge Creek Priest Hole, Burnt Ranch Rd., to volunteer contact Harold Dunca..
Capitol Chapter Detroit Power Line habitat enhancement project
May 3 Capitol Chapter will conduct their Detroit Breitenbush Powerline Habitat Enhancement proje..
Klamath Chapter Guzzler Camp
May 3-4 Klamath Chapter will host their annual Guzzler Camp on the Fremont-Winema National Forest, c..
Tualatin Valley Barney Reservoir Project
May 4 Tualatin Valley: Barney Reservoir, Yamhill, Larry Dorland 503-310-757..
Klamath Hart Mtn. CCC Camp
May 17 Klamath: Hart Mtn. CCC Camp, Rick Vieira 541-591-2452 ..
Lincoln County Flynn Creek Meadows Project
June 7-8 Lincoln County: Flynn Creek Meadows Project w/ Plum Creek timber C..
Hoodview Chapter White River Work Party
June 13-15 Hoodview: White River Work Party, White River Wildlife Refuge, c..
Lincoln County's Salmon River Meadows Project
July 12-13 Lincoln County: Salmon River Meadows Project w/USFS-Siuslaw NF-H..
Lake County Chapter Guzzler Project
July 19 Lake County Chapter will hold its Guzzler Project repairing and maintaining guzzlers in ..
Tualatin Valley Chapter, Timber Cleanup Day
July 19 Tualatin Valley Chapter will conduct the annual Timber Cleanup Day, for more information..
Lake County September Guzzler Project
Sep. 13 Lake County: Guzzler Project, contact Tom Zarosinski at 541-947-323..
Lincoln County: Flynn Creek Meadows Project II
Sep. 20-21 Lincoln County: Flynn Creek Meadows Project w/ Plum Creek timber..
Capitol: Abiqua Basin Hunter Access Project
October 4, Capitol chapter based in Salem: Abiqua Basin Hunter Access Project, for more informat..
Lake County: Duck Box Project
Oct. 11 Lake County: Duck Box Project, Dog Lake, Tom Zarosinski 541-947-323..